Elon Musk Scolds a Tesla Driver For Criticizing a Beta Version of The FSD Feature

Elon Musk smoking weed
Elon Musk smoking weed

Elon Musk slammed a tesla driver for criticizing an issue with the electric-car maker’s Full Self-Driving software on Tuesday.

The CEO told the Tesla owner James Locke to stop complaining after Locke, a software CEO from California, posted videos on Twitter showing instances where FSD struggled with right turns and lane changes.

“10.69 is in limited release for a reason,” Musk said on Twitter, regarding the latest FSD update, which was rolled out earlier this week. “Please do not ask to be included in early beta releases and then complain.”

—Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 23, 2022

On Sunday, Musk said Tesla is hiking the price for the optional FSD feature to $15,000 in North America. The AI feature is sold for $199-a-month on a subscription basis. Locke explained on Twitter post earlier this week that he’s spent over $32,000 on Tesla’s FSD and now pays $199 a month for the feature.

Locke acknowledged that his feedback is “probably not a popular opinion” and said the software still has “lots of work to go.”