Elon Musk Sues Sam Altman and OpenAI Over Prioritizing Profit Over Humanity


The lawsuit alleges that Musk’s contributions were manipulated to serve the interests of OpenAI and its corporate partners, particularly Microsoft.

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OpenAI’s corporate structure has come under scrutiny, with its nonprofit arm initially designed to oversee the organization’s ethical and humanitarian objectives. 

Altman is reinstated

However, recent events, including Altman’s brief removal as CEO followed by a swift reinstatement amid Microsoft’s strategic hires, have raised questions about the nonprofit’s autonomy. 

Nicolas Moës, executive director of the Future Society, a think tank explains that “The nonprofit is in theory controlling the for-profit [side of the company].” 

Altman has supported that setup in public. In June he told Bloomberg that “The board can fire me; I think that’s important.” 

Yet when the board did fire him in November, Altman didn’t accept the decision.

He was reinstated as CEO after five days. And he announced a new “non-voting” board seat for Microsoft.

The Rainforest Metaphor

According to Moës, “The board crisis of OpenAI in November showed that this nonprofit [side of the business] has basically no say, is in complete disarray, and the board itself is not really in control of what the for profit does.”