Elon Musk Sues Sam Altman and OpenAI Over Prioritizing Profit Over Humanity


Elon Musk, billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Tesla and SpaceX filed a lawsuit Thursday against Sam Altman and OpenAI, claiming the company has abandoned the organization’s original nonprofit goals. And is prioritizing profit over humanity.

 Musk claims that OpenAI, once dedicated to developing artificial intelligence (AI) for the betterment of humanity, has deviated from its mission under the leadership of Altman. And it is now favoring profit-driven partnerships, notably with Microsoft.

Musk’s legal action claims that OpenAI, which he co-founded in 2015 alongside Altman and Greg Brockman, has become a closed-source subsidiary of Microsoft.

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Profit over Humanity

The lawsuit contends that rather than advancing AI for the greater good, OpenAI has shifted its focus towards refining Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) algorithms for Microsoft’s financial gain.