Emergent BioSolutions to face congressional probe over contracts to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines


Emergent BioSolutions received $628 million from the federal government to establish a primary U.S. facility for manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines.

Emergent BioSolutions has a history of quality control problems

Maloney and Clyburn noted that Dr. Robert Kadlec, a former consultant for Emergent BioSolutions and served as Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response during the Trump administration appeared to have pushed the $628 million contracts award for the company. 

Specifically, we are investigating reports that Emergent received multi-million-dollar contracts to manufacture coronavirus vaccines despite a long, documented history of inadequately trained staff and quality control issues,” wrote Maloney and Clyburn in their letter.  

The two top House Democrats said they are concerned about the circumstances that led to the award of this contract under the prior Administration and whether Emergent’s manufacturing errors could hinder vaccination efforts that are critical to saving lives and ending the coronavirus crisis.”