Is the End for Biden 2020 Near?


2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden is facing a series of issues which are beginning to conceivably sabotage his ambitions to become president of the United States.

The aforementioned issues exist not only in the form of predicaments with his son, Hunter Biden, but also Joe Biden’s statements and work with known segregationalists.

Reviewing Problems Faced by the Biden Campaign

Most recently, Americans have learned about the personal and professional concerns in regards to Hunter Biden. Hunter is facing accusations of fathering a love child with a woman from Arkansas; mind you, this accusation comes notwithstanding Hunter’s recent marriage to a South African woman. Thus far, Hunter has not confirmed or denied whether or not he is the father of this Arkansas woman’s child.

The issues facing Hunter Biden are not mutually exclusive to potential infidelity. He allegedly issued threats towards a Ukrainian president and engaged in questionable business dealings. Thus far, Joe Biden’s campaign has not released a public statement on this matter.

Joe Biden’s Work with Segregationalist Senators

In addition to the issues with his son, Biden is furthermore facing censure for his work with senators who are openly supportive of racial segregation. Now, Biden has come out and stated that agreeing with people is not an automatic requirement for working with them.