Eric Trump Calls Out Washington Corruption


As political matters intensify, corruption has been the subject of discussion for quite some time. Yesterday, Eric Trump appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” and made the following statements:

Do I think Washington is a lot more corrupt than most Americans think? Absolutely. No question about it.

Breakdown on Corruption

The biggest form of corruption manifests in the form of fake news. Fake news was coined during the 2016 Presidential election. From the inception of President Trump’s run for office, the media has been terrified. Unlike politicians who preceded Mr. Trump, he cannot be bought off. Likewise, the President’s willingness to discuss hot button issues, such as the plights of illegal immigration, angered the media, but won votes from the people. When the media realized, they could not control the President, they tried a different tactic.

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First and foremost, the media made it their mission to constantly cover groundless conspiracy theories as opposed to President Trump’s achievements. Since the President’s time in office, the unemployment rate has decreased considerably. However, the media rarely covers this.