Ernst & Young to Create more than 1,000 Jobs in New York

Credits: Wikipedia

Ernst & Young (EY) will relocate its U.S. headquarters from Time Square to One Manhattan West.  Market observers suggest that the company’s shows that the corporate landscape in New York is shifting toward the Hudson River.

EY is one of the largest professional services company worldwide. It will occupy 17 floors of One Manhattan West, a 67-story office tower currently under construction.

Gov. Cuomo says New York is the economic capital is the world

In a statement, Governor Andrew Cuomo said EY is expected to expand its business in New York. Therefore, it is anticipated to create 1,152 jobs over the next seven year.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

According to him, EY’s decision to establish its national headquarters is a proof that New York is the economic capital of the world. The governor cited the State’s diverse talent, thriving economy, and incomparable opportunities contribute to that status.

Gov. Cuomo said, “Our investments to attract and retain the world’s leading companies are creating high-paying jobs.”