EU Urged to Loosen Stringent Regulations on Medical Equipment


Serious rules and regulations for doctors and other medical practitioners exist globally for good reason.

Without careful guidelines, combined with years of training, people would lack the assurance that their healthcare providers know what they’re doing and have the necessary expertise to care for them.

While rules and regulations certainly have their place in the medical field, there’s always the other side of the coin. For instance, some guidelines can be so strict that they have the opposite intended impact and miss certain key factors.

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This is a matter that one Ireland-based congenital cardiologist is currently sounding the alarm about.

A critical appeal to the EU

As things currently stand, congenital cardiologist Damien Kenny has informed the European Union (EU) that its Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) is backfiring and leading to a shortage of necessary medical equipment.

Under the MDR, mandatory recertification of medical tools is necessary to protect the general public from dangerous or defective products.