French President Reportedly Displeased with Constitutional Term Limits


In different countries around the world, term limits exist on the amount of time various leaders can remain in power. Ideally, term limits should stop leaders from becoming complacent, losing touch with the public after extended periods in office, or succumbing to tyrannical impulses.

Despite these clear objectives, not everyone looks favorably upon term limits.

Some believe voters should have the ultimate say on how many terms a president can serve in office. Then, there are various countries, such as Russia, where the leader in power has ascertained how to circumvent term limits.

These restrictions on power are once again in the international limelight, though. Just earlier this month, President Emmanuel Macron of France sounded off against term limits.

French term limits face pushback

In France, the president can only serve two five-year terms. After that, the nation’s constitution bars the president from pursuing a third stint in office.

However, Macron doesn’t look favorably upon this by any means. During a meeting with various French officials last week, the president rebuked term limits as “d*mnable b*llsh*t.”