European Commission Pharma Cartel Fine

European Commission Pharma Cartel Fine

In a groundbreaking move, the European Commission has wielded its regulatory hammer, slapping five pharmaceutical giants with a staggering €13.4 million ($14.1 million) fine. This unprecedented action stems from their illicit coordination in rigging minimum sales prices and quotas for a vital ingredient, effectively exploiting stomach cramp sufferers.

European Commission Pharma Cartel Fine : Major Players in the Dock

Alkaloids of Australia, Alkaloids Corporation, Boehringer, Linnea, and Transo-Pharm find themselves reeling under the weight of hefty penalties. The Commission’s accusation? Their involvement in a cartel that unscrupulously exchanged highly confidential data and manipulated prices of a critical medicinal component used by drug distributors and manufacturers.

Lone Whistleblower Rewarded

In a fascinating twist, a sixth entity, C2 PHARMA, was an accomplice in the conspiracy but escaped unscathed, thanks to the European Commission’s Leniency Programme. For exposing the cartel’s operations within the European Economic Area from November 1, 2005, to September 17, 2019, this whistleblower enjoyed full immunity, saving them from an €807,000 fine.