Europol Warns Human Traffickers Using Internet, Social Media to Find New Victims


Across the United States and throughout the rest of the world, human trafficking continues to persist as a major problem.

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The trafficking of human beings remains on its way to outpace drug and gun sales for one simple reason. While people can only sell narcotics and firearms once, they can repeatedly sell other humans.

Furthermore, in many communities, human trafficking stands as a crime that’s viewed as both low risk and high reward. Therefore, bad actors who engage in this abuse lack the motivation or fear to stop what they’re doing.

On the bright side, recent years have seen more attention directed towards human trafficking, along with the tactics employed by these predators.

Now, new information from Europol reveals that human traffickers are increasingly turning to the online world to lure in new victims.

The latest from Europol on human trafficking

Europol’s work as the law enforcement body of the European Union gives it quite a bit of insight into crimes happening in many parts of the world.