European countries ban flights from UK to prevent spread of new COVID-19 strain


“Of course we don’t want to cancel Christmas… we don’t want to take any of these measures, but it’s our duty to take them when the evidence is clear.” Mr.Hancock said to Fox news.

The tier 4 lockdown duration is not clear yet, but it’s estimated to take few more weeks till the vaccine is available for everyone.

What’s awaiting Boris Johnson?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government will soon be facing a political rot for their decision of the total lockdown on Christmas. However, the economical consequences will be tougher, Boris Jonson announced in his briefing to the nation: “when the science changes, we must change our response. The consequences will be felt well beyond politics, social interactions, and mental wellness. They will also play out in an economic outlook that is likely to deteriorate both in scale and scope, nationally and globally.”

More citizens will suffer from the immediate economic impact caused by the Tier 4 restrictions imposed on Sunday, Boris closed hairdressers, pools, and gyms and banned Christmas gatherings and traveling between some cities including London, and the ban even reached some countries such as Scotland, people will only be allowed to meet in Christmas bubbles for one day instead of five days.