Evacuations Dominate Day at Massachusetts State House


An electrical fire broke out in the basement of the Massachusetts State House in the afternoon, prompting another urgent evacuation.

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The scene mirrored a carefully rehearsed drill as rangers directed the crowd to Boston Common, likening the archway between the original building and its annex to a no-go zone.

As smoke invaded the building from its lower levels, firefighters arrived on the scene, prepared to confront the blaze.

With the fire nestled in a transformer room, the firefighters had to bide their time, awaiting the utility company to disconnect power before they could douse the flames.

The Massachusetts State House, usually a symbol of governance and decorum, transformed into an epicenter of emergency response and crowd control.

Officials including Governor Maura Healey and Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll were spotted leaving the premises, assuring their safety.

Amid the chaotic scene, a state trooper jokingly recommended the crowd consider visiting the 21st Amendment, suggesting the State House could be closed for a considerable time.