Evacuations Dominate Day at Massachusetts State House

Massachusetts State House

The Massachusetts State House saw a chaotic day on Tuesday with two evacuations due to a mysterious alarm activation and later, a worrisome electrical fire.

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The historical capitol building, typically filled with bustling legislative activity, was instead filled with concern as DCR rangers and state troopers guided people away from the State House to Boston Common.

Massachusetts State House : Alarm Activation Prompts Initial Evacuation

In the morning around 11 a.m., the Massachusetts State House’s calm was shattered when an emergency alarm got activated by two individuals.

This sudden occurrence caused committee hearings to come to an abrupt halt, pushing lawmakers, staff, and tourists to pour out of the building, much like ants from a disturbed mound.

While the reason for this alarm activation was still unclear at that point, the situation was treated with an abundance of caution.

Despite the minor interruption, people were allowed back inside the Massachusetts State House within about 15 minutes, restoring relative normality.

 Electrical Fire Leads to Second Evacuation

However, the tranquility was short-lived.