Ex-Goldman banker Leissner ‘faked’ divorce to wed Kimora Lee Simmons


Drew Rolle questioned Leissner if Judy Chan Leissner, who believed she was his wife, knew what Leissner was up to. The ex-Goldman banker replied that she was upset. And refused to help him put a $900,000 down payment on a house in Los Angeles for him and his new bride.

“Judy did not want to make any transfers related to my new family life in Los Angeles,” Leissner testified.

Leissner then tried to get Judy Chan to transfer him the money with claims that it was for Malaysian financier Jho Low. Currently a fugitive, Low allegedly had a big role in the Malaysian 1MDB scheme theft.

 “It didn’t work,” Leissner testified. “I think she did some research on the Internet and found out I was trying to buy this house.” 

Leissner told the jury that before marrying Judy Chan, he had also falsified divorce documents.

Millions needed for lavish lifestyle

Thursday, after four days on the stand Leissner detailed more of his scandal ridden personal life. And he admitted that his larger-than-life lifestyle was funded by money that he allegedly helped heist from 1MDB.