Exiled Mercenary Chief Coup Leader, hiding out in Belarus


Yevgeny Prigozhin, Wagner’s boss and the orchestrator of a failed coup against the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, vanished. With Putin’s promise of immunity, the mercenary chief was banished to Belarus the day after the armed uprising.

According to Russian sources, the 62-year-old warlord has not been seen since his arrival in Belarus on June 26, immediately after he ordered his Wagner Private Military Company to march on Moscow on June 24.

It is now being claimed that the fighters of the Wagner Group, are responsible for the deaths of 15 Russian airmen during the failed coup. They reportedly had three options: following Prigozhin, enlisting in the regular Russian army, or returning home.

Adding to the intrigue, General Surovikin, the head of the Russian aerospace forces and former supreme commander in Ukraine, is also missing.

Suspicions are high that he was involved in Prigozhin’s folly. It appears that he had prior knowledge of the mutiny.

Coinciding with these disappearances, several media companies associated with the billionaire abruptly went dark over the weekend. There are indications that Prigozhin’s extensive business empire is under assault.