Experts Raise Questions About Safety of Homeschooling


In the worst cases, Grimberg alleges that homeschooled minors suffer neglect and abuse.

Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet had similar remarks about homeschooling in America. It is Bartholet’s view that even existing regulations to promote the safety and well-being of kids undergoing homeschooling simply aren’t enough.

Finally, she stated “minimal protections” for children should include not allowing parents with abusive or neglectful histories to homeschool their kids

A powder keg waiting to go off

Many parents who homeschool their kids believe it’s in their best interests. Disagreements with school curricula, bullying kids face from their peers, and other reasons all influence the decision to homeschool.

Given the controversy surrounding education in recent years, homeschooling parents remain unlikely to smile upon stringent regulations regarding the teaching of their kids.

Battles over this could very well play out via political channels. While homeschooling itself lacks partisanship, some homeschool lobbying has ties with conservative organizations.