Experts Raise Questions About Safety of Homeschooling


Education in the United States has been a controversial subject for years now. Amid disagreements about appropriate school curricula, what teachers are required to share with parents, and more, many adults are determining that public (and sometimes even private) schools aren’t truly conducive to their kids’ well-being.

It’s for this reason that more parents have opted to homeschool their children. Many adults also report that their kids benefit from learning at home, rather than going to a classroom five days a week.

However, the uptick in homeschooling doesn’t come without controversy. Today, some experts are ringing the alarm bell, stating there’s a lack of oversight when it comes to educating children at home.

Here’s what’s going on

Coalition for Responsible Home Education is a body made up of individuals who received homeschooling as kids, yet now aim for more regulations to ensure that today’s homeschooled children are granted the necessary protection and instruction.

Executive director Angela Grimberg recently went on record to express her concerns about kids experiencing homeschooling today. According to her, while most parents teaching their children at home care for their best interests, there are still cases of kids “falling through the cracks.”