Migrant Activist: Plans to Lead Migrants into the US


Luis Garcia Villagran, a self-proclaimed Evangelical Christian and former convict, has emerged as a prominent figure in the recent surge of migrants making their way through Mexico to the US border. The migrant activist is currently leading the Christmas caravan to the US border.

 The leader of the Center for Human Dignity, Villagran has led tens of thousands of asylum-seekers to the border. And has collaborated for decades with human rights groups.

 This Christmas season, his influence is evident as he spearheads a caravan of an estimated 8,000 migrants, further exacerbating the ongoing crisis at the US southern border.

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Migrant Activist Journey 

The Center for Human Dignity, co-run by Villagran and his wife, Martha Martinez de la Fuente, was born out of the activist’s personal struggles.