Families Who Enter America Illegally May Soon Face Deportation


Yesterday, acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Mark Morgan provided some insight on steps which the agency will take against illegal immigration.

According to Morgan, families are not immune from deportation if they unlawfully enter the United States.

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Morgan maintains that ICE is taking serious steps against illegal immigration. These measures include all offenders; the acting director says that no offender is exempt.

In Morgan’s own words:

“The mindset is no one is exempted. You’re either in violation of the law or not, and we take it from there. That will include families. I don’t think you want the director of ICE exempting a demographic that is in violation of our immigration laws based on my own political, personal ideology or moral stance.”

Within the first 50% of the 2019 fiscal year, families who unlawfully entered the states have surged by six times. Moreover, ICE maintains that their resources are strained due to the massive amounts of individuals who they are taking into custody.