Few Americans Approve of Anti-Israel Demonstrations on College Campuses


Just over seven months ago, Israel found itself on the receiving end of an attack from the Palestinian terrorist organization known as Hamas. The group viciously invaded Israel, shooting up homes, taking people hostage, and committing other heinous acts. To this day, many Israelis remain stuck as captives in Gaza, with no telling if they’ll ever get out.

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For most of the world, supporting Israel’s right to self-protect is a given. The West, in particular, has rallies around the Jewish state, supplying it with necessary arms and other assets.

Unfortunately, even in the West, there are some folks who dislike Israel, view it as an “apartheid state,” and believe the country is rightfully owed to Palestinians. Individuals who hold these views have not just protested, but also engaged in violent acts, including assault and battery.

In the wake of this, a new poll shows only a small minority of Americans approve of the anti-Israel demonstrations that have been taking place across our nation’s college campuses.

Where most Americans stand on the war between Israel and Hamas

Ultimately, the majority of this country understands the gravity of evil that took place on October 7. Furthermore, Americans overwhelmingly back Israel in its mission to self-defend and bring home the hostages who remain captive in Gaza.