Fewer Cigarettes to Be Sold in Walmart Stores


Walmart’s shift away from cigarettes comes as the company is working to break into the healthcare field. Naturally, this is inherently at odds with cigarette sales. For instance, to this very day, the top cause of lung cancer is cigarettes.

How to kick a smoking addiction

With all the horrible health consequences associated with smoking, breaking free of the habit is always advisable.

Thankfully, many great methods to kick a smoking habit are available. For starters, steering clear of triggers that may create the temptation to smoke is a good idea.

Physical activity is another awesome method to help combat smoking. According to various studies, five minutes of exercise can help the brain generate chemicals that work against cravings.

Joining a support group for beating addiction is also worth considering. Kicking a smoking addiction is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, effort, and dedication.

One profound benefit of a support group for beating addiction is being part of a positive community. Support groups also provide the opportunity for learning healthy coping mechanisms from others who are fighting addiction.