Fewer Indeed Job Listings Come With Education Requirements


Since just last month, 52% of listings arrive sans formal education mandates. In 2019, only 48% of Indeed jobs lacked these requirements. Moving forward, it appears that more employers will begin to shed the traditional education guidelines that were once seen as a packed deal with job opportunities.

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Indeed itself has weighed in on this. According to the job board, more employers are prioritizing skills over degrees. Likewise, various labor market trends prompted greater flexibility among hirers. This means not having a degree isn’t always a dealbreaker that precludes people from certain jobs.

Further details from Indeed suggests this change could be a net positive for American workers. Today, 64% do not hold a Bachelor’s degree.

Similar dynamics found on other job boards

Upwork, the number one freelancing site around the world, is another platform that places skillsets above degrees.

Many clients on the site want freelancers to show samples of past work or positive testimonials from hirers they’ve previously worked with. There is significantly less emphasis on formal education.