Fewer Than 7% of Small Businesses Fully Recovered from COVID Lockdowns


Coronavirus shutdowns devastated many small businesses in 2020.

Conservatives repeatedly warned against the dangers of the government locking down people and mandating them to shut their businesses; progressives, on the other hand, had no issues with small businesses being bullied into closure by the government. In fact, those on the left regularly opined that small business owners who protested to reopen their shops were “selfish.”

Sadly, last year’s lockdowns wiped out many small businesses for good. However, even the ones that managed to weather the lockdowns are not fully out of the woods. According to a new report, less than 7% of small businesses have recovered fully from COVID shutdowns.

The horrific impacts of lockdowns on small businesses

Per a survey conducted by Job Creators Network, only 6% of U.S. small businesses to suffer losses as a result of shutdowns have recovered. This means that 94% of entrepreneurs in America are still pushing to bootstrap their way out of the harm engendered by shutdowns.