FIFA Upholds Luis Rubiales 3 Year Ban

FIFA Upholds Luis Rubiales 3 Year Ban

In a decision reverberating through soccer circles worldwide, FIFA upheld its suspension of former Spanish soccer president Luis Rubiales, affirming a three-year ban following a contentious incident involving national team midfielder Jenni Hermoso. The ruling, announced by the FIFA Appeal Committee, solidifies Rubiales’ exclusion from the sport over a kiss that Hermoso claimed was nonconsensual.

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FIFA Upholds Luis Rubiales 3 Year Ban : Upheld Ban Stands Firm

The FIFA Appeal Committee opted to maintain Rubiales’ three-year ban, citing the kiss as a breach of FIFA regulations on “offensive behavior and violations of fair play principles.” Despite Rubiales’ opportunity to request a full legal opinion within 10 days, the decision stands, leaving him with the possibility of further appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

FIFA Upholds Luis Rubiales 3 Year Ban :FIFA’s Firm Commitment

In a terse statement, FIFA reaffirmed its dedication to upholding integrity and decency within the sport, emphasizing the importance of respecting individuals and maintaining basic codes of conduct.

Legal Ramifications Mount

Rubiales’ legal woes escalate beyond FIFA’s sanctions as Spain’s top court recently recommended he stand trial. This recommendation stems from assertions that the kiss was not consensual and triggered subsequent efforts to pressure Hermoso into altering her account of the event.

Unraveling the Incident

The controversial kiss occurred in the aftermath of Spain’s Women’s World Cup victory last year. Rubiales, celebrating with the team onstage, embraced Hermoso and kissed her on the cheek before proceeding to kiss her on the lips, an action Hermoso later described as unwelcome.

Allegations of Coercion

Judge Francisco de Jorge’s investigation uncovered a disturbing pattern of coercion following the incident. Rubiales and his inner circle purportedly exerted pressure on Hermoso to characterize the kiss as consensual. This coercion allegedly extended to attempts to secure a public statement from Hermoso and involve her family in mitigating the situation.

FIFA Upholds Luis Rubiales 3 Year Ban : Calls for Justice

In addition to Rubiales, Judge de Jorge recommended trials for other implicated individuals, including former national team coach Jorge Vilda, federation marketing manager Rubén Rivera, and men’s team director Albert Luque. These individuals face legal scrutiny for their alleged roles in pressuring Hermoso.