Fit3D Launches BodyBlock AI Body Scan Data Service For Fashion Industry


Recently, we’ve seen major established retailers close shop due to online shopping or items just not being sold. This resulted in a company like Burberry to burn roughly 28 million pieces of unsold stock. Change is very much needed to keep the fashion industry alive and growing, from retailers to high-fashion brands. Fit3D, makers of the ProScanner 3D body surface scanner, committed to slashing the $100B annual loss in the fashion industry. They’ll do this by offering more than 500,000 body scans using the Fit3D ProScanner.


Fit3D is now publicizing it’s launch of their BodyBlock AI body scan data services for the apparel and garment industries. According to Fit3D’s press release, “Retail companies lose billions every year due to improperly fitting clothes. This is a global fashion issue with $64B in lost profits for apparel returned because of poor fit and $43B spent on revamping sizing charts for each of a brand’s product lines.” Don’t those numbers make you feel wasteful? There needs to be a financial and environmental change within the fashion industry.