Florida Gov. DeSantis supports legislation allowing student athletes get paid


Currently, the NCAA prohibits student athletes to make money from their association with college sports. The organization strongly opposed California’s Fair Pay to Play Act citing the reason that colleges and universities will have unfair advantage in recruiting since the rest of the states do not have a similar measure.

In a tweet, Gov. DeSantis wrote, “Most of Florida’s thousands of college athletes will never have the opportunity to play pro sports to generate income, yet still compete at a high level every day. If these athletes are good enough to compete on the field, they’re good enough to compete in the free market.”

Rep. LaMarca also tweeted, “Thank you @GovRonDeSantis for opening up the conversation for the Student Athlete Achievement Act (HB287), that would allow our great student athletes to participate in the #FreeMarket and be treated just like every other student.”

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