Florida Gov. Scott Defies NRA; Announces Major Plan to Prevent Gun Violence


According to him, they are elected to represent the best interest of Floridians. It is important for them to do everything in their power to “make sure that a horrific and evil act like the Parkland shooting never happens again.”

“I’m an NRA member, a supporter of the 2nd amendment, and the 1st amendment, and the entire bill of rights for that matter. I’m also a father, and a grandfather, and a Governor. We all have a difficult task in front of us… balancing our individual rights with our obvious need for public safety,” said Gov. Scott.

The Florida governor stressed that an open dialogue is important to achieve their goal of preventing gun violence. He added that they need to be decisive and swift when it comes to protecting kids and schools.

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Gov. Scott said, “Let me be clear– there is nothing more important than the safety of our children. Our kids deserve nothing less. Fortunately, our economy is booming, and we have the resources to protect our schools and our students.”

Gov. Scott’s proposals on gun laws, school safety, and mental health

The governor wants to make it impossible for any individual with mental problems to use a gun. He proposed the creation of a new program called Violent Threat Restraining Order.  The program will allow a court to prohibit a violent or mentally ill person from purchasing or owning a gun or any other weapon.