Florida: Governor DeSantis Suspends Hialeah Councilwoman Amidst $19 Million Insurance Fraud Scandal


Key Takeaways:

  1. Governor’s Action: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended Hialeah Councilwoman Angelica Pacheco following her indictment on multiple insurance fraud charges.
  2. Fraud Allegations: Pacheco is accused of orchestrating a scheme to overbill insurers $19 million through her addiction treatment clinic.
  3. Political Backlash: Pacheco claims the suspension is politically motivated due to her efforts to expose issues within the city of Hialeah

    By Samuel Lopez, USA Herald

    [FLORIDA] – On June 25, 2024, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Executive Order 24-135, suspending Hialeah City Councilwoman Angelica Pacheco following her recent indictment on insurance fraud charges. This decision comes in light of allegations that Pacheco’s addiction treatment clinic engaged in a scheme to defraud insurers of $19 million.

    Governor DeSantis’s executive order, effective immediately, bars Pacheco from performing any official duties or receiving any compensation related to her role. This suspension will remain in place until further notice or another executive order is issued.