The Florida House Members’ Educational Backgrounds


As the 2017 legislative session carries on colorfully in Tallahassee, dozens of articles come out about dozens of House Members each day. Amidst all the noise and commotion, and with 49 new members, it can be a little difficult to keep track of everyone involved.
We’ll read things we love, things we hate, and other things that will leave us asking “Where on earth did this person go to school and what did they study!?” In the interests of that not-so-infrequent question (and a slow news day), below is a list of the educational backgrounds of Members of the House. 83% of the members have a Bachelor’s degree or greater; here is that list.

Law Degree:

Berman (D) – J.D. George Washington University
Burgess (R) – J.D. Barry University
Byrd (R) – J.D. St. Thomas University
Corcoran (R) – J.D. Regent University
Diamond (D) – J.D. University of Florida
J. Diaz (R) – J.D. Columbia University
Duran (D) – J.D. New York University
Edwards (D) – J.D. Florida International University
Eisnaugle (R) – J.D. Vanderbilt University
Fant (R) – J.D. University of Florida
Fitzenhagen (R) – J.D. Nova Southeastern University
Geller (D) – J.D. Florida State University
Gonzalez (R) – J.D. Stetson University
Grall (R) – J.D. Marquette University
J. Grant (R) – J.D. Stetson University
Hager (R) – J.D. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Harrison (R) – J.D. University of Florida
Jacquet (D) – J.D. St. Thomas University
Leek (R) – J.D. Stetson University
McGhee (D) – J.D. Thurgood Marshall School of Law
Metz (R) – J.D. Florida State University
Moraitis (R) – J.D. University of Florida
Moskowitz (D) – J.D. Nova Southeastern University
Renner (R) – J.D. University of Florida
Shaw (D) – J.D. University of Florida
Silvers (D) – J.D./M.B.A. University of Miami
Slosberg (D) – J.D. Nova Southeastern University
Spano (R) – J.D. Florida State University
Sprowls (R) – J.D. Stetson University
Stafford (D) – J.D. St. Thomas University
Trujillo (R) – J.D. Florida State University
White (R) – J.D./M.B.A. Southern Methodist University

Master’s Degree:

Baez (D) – M.A. – Counseling – Sam Houston State University
Davis (D) – M.A. – Educational Leadership – University of North Florida
Harrell (R) – M.A. – Latin American Studies – University of North Florida

Beshears (R) – M.S. – Entrepreneurship – University of Florida
M. Diaz (R) – M.S. – Educational Leadership – Nova Southeastern University
Pritchett (D) – M.S. – Administration of Justice – St. Thomas University

Avila (R) – M.P.A. Florida International University
Hahnfeldt (R) – M.P.A. Valdosta State University
Jenne (D) – M.P.A. Florida State University
Nuñez (R) – M.P.A. Florida International University

Brodeur (R) – M.B.A University of Florida
Bileca (R) – M.B.A. Kellogg School of Management
Cummings (R) – M.B.A. University of North Florida
Fine (R) – M.B.A. Harvard Business School
M. Grant (R) – M.B.A University of Boston
Gruters (R) – M.B.A. University of South Florida
Mercado (D) – M.B.A Strayer University
A. Miller (R) – M.B.A. Johns Hopkins University
M. Miller (R) – M.B.A. Rollins College
Payne (R) – M.B.A. Nova Southeastern University
Richardson (D) – M.B.A. University of Tampa
C. Watson (D) – M.B.A. Mountain State University


Massullo (R) – M.D. West Virginia University
Pigman (R) – M.D. Ohio State University

Bachelor’s Degree:

Abruzzo (D) – B.A. Lynn University
Asencio (D) – B.A. St. Thomas University
Caldwell (R) – B.A. Florida Gulf Coast University
Daniels (D) – B.A. Florida State University
Dubose(D) – B.A. University of Florida
Eagle (R) – B.A. University of Florida
La Rosa (R) – B.A. University of Central Florida
Latvala (R) – B.A. University of Central Florida
Peters (R) – B.A. Eckerd College
Plasencia (R) – B.A. University of Central Florida
Porter (R) – B.A. Florida State University
Rodrigues (R) – B.A. Berry College
Stark (D) –B.A. University of Denver
Williams (D) B.A. University of Phoenix
Williamson (R) B.A. University of West Florida

Albritton (R) –B.S. Florida Southern College
Alexander (D) – B.S. Florida A&M University
Altman(R) – B.S. Rollins College
Antone (D) – B.S. Tuskegee Institute
Boyd (R) – B.S. Florida State University
Brown (D) – B.S. Florida State University
Burton (R) – B.S. California State University
Clemons (R) – B.S. University of Florida
Donalds (R) – B.S. Florida State University
Drake (R) – B.S. University of Florida
Fischer (R) – B.S. University of North Florida
Goodson (R) – B.S. Florida State University
Ingram (R) – B.S. Florida State University
Jones (D) B.S. Florida A&M University
Lee (D) – B.S. Livingstone College
Magar (R) – B.S. Radford University
Plakon (R) – B.S. Stetson University
Ponder (R) – B.S. Florida State University
Raburn (R) – B.S. University of Florida
Raschein (R) – B.S. Florida State University
Raulerson (R) – B.S. Florida State University
Roth (R) – B.S. Emory University
Smith (D) – B.S. University of Central Florida
Toledo (R) – B.S. University of South Florida
Trumbull (R) – B.S. Auburn University

Stevenson (R) – B.B.A Stetson University
Yarborough (R) – B.B.A. University of North Florida