Florida Man Sentenced to Prison in Expansive Credit Card Fraud Scheme


Judge James Peterson sentenced Jorge Consuegra-Rojas, 43, of Miami to 60 months in federal prison for conspiracy to commit access device fraud and possession of 15 or more counterfeit access devices. Consuegra-Rojas pleaded guilty to the charges on May 31.

In September 2016, police arrested Consuegra-Rojas and another individual. They had attempted to use a counterfeit credit card inside a grocery store in Mauston, Wisconsin.

During the arrest, police searched Consuegra-Rojas’s vehicle. In the vehicle, they found false identification documents, counterfeit credit cards, multiple cellphones, two computers, three flash drives, six credit card skimmers, a credit card reader/writer and 280 gift cards valued at over $23,000.

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Then police performed a forensic search of the flash drives and computers and recovered 1,679 stolen credit card numbers. Consuegra-Rojas and his partner had used some of these cards to purchase the recovered gift cards.

Repeat Offender in a Multi-State Fraud Scheme

At the sentencing hearing, Peterson recognized that Consuegra-Rojas was deeply involved in a large-scale multi-state credit card fraud scheme and noted that credit card fraud deeply affects its victims. Furthermore, Peterson expressed concern that Consuegra-Rojas has two prior felony convictions for similar conduct and still engaged in credit card fraud despite the sentences in those prior cases.

The FBI, Juneau County Sheriff’s Office and Mauston Police department conducted the investigation that led to charges against Consuegra-Rojas. Meanwhile, Assistant U.S. Attorney Aaron Wegner handled the prosecution of the case.