Florida Now Has More Republican Voters Than Democrats


This is a reality the Florida governor drew attention to while speaking to the National Conference of State Legislatures just yesterday. Next month, the Florida Division of Elections publishes the lead of registered Florida GOP voters over registered Democrats.

Great news for Republicans across the United States

The revelation that Florida now has more registered Republicans than Democrats also comes amid the Republican comeback in Virginia just earlier this week. Against all odds, Glenn Youngkin handily beat Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Florida merely marks another notch in Republicans’ belt. Since Tuesday’s win in Virginia, the GOP has spoken out. Republicans maintain confidence that a red wave is beginning to sweep the country.

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Furthermore, Republicans argue the height of this red wave will materialize during next year’s midterms. Time will tell. However, even some Democrats are admitting this past Tuesday’s outcome means the political left has some work to do.