Biden Drops 20 Points with Black Voters


On an endless basis, various polls taken this year have shown President Biden losing support with voters. The Biden administration insists on claiming the president’s agenda is popular with the people; yet, every single time a new poll is released, Biden’s approval numbers are lower and lower.

Thus far, the president has not shown any interest in readjusting his agenda. That comes in spite of 71% of the nation recently declaring in yet another poll that the United States is on the wrong track.

In another crushing blow to an increasingly unpopular president, a fresh survey shows over the course of 2021, Biden’s lost the support of black voters to the tune of a 20% decline.

Bad news for Biden and his administration

An Emerson College poll documents the reality that back in February, black voters approved of the president at a rate of 72%. However, fast forward to this month and now only 52% of black voters approve of Biden.

This massive drop speaks volumes. It also coincides with previous polls.