Florida Rejects Critical Race Theory Teachings in Schools


In 2021, thus far, the Democrat Party has begun pushing for critical race theory teachings in schools.

In essence, critical race theory boils down to a Marxist political ideology; this ideology falsely asserts that all U.S. societal structures suffer inherent roots in racism; critical race theory then goes on to allege that because of the supposed racism in every societal framework, society must be torn down and rebuilt.

Some core teachings of critical race theory assert that white people are oppressors, while black people are victims. Democrats claim that critical race theory is an appropriate doctrine to teach children; however, Republicans recognize critical race theory as the Marxist indoctrination that it is.

On Thursday, the state of Florida barred critical race theory from being taught in schools.

Saying no to critical race theory in Florida

Earlier today, the Board of Education in the Sunshine State determined that public schools may not teach critical race theory.

In making this ruling, the Florida Board of Education also put in place guidelines to ensure that teachers are not purposefully twisting historical events to serve a political agenda.