Florida Senator’s Education Backgrounds


Last week we came out with a piece detailing the educational backgrounds of Members of the Florida House of Representatives. This was to help answer the not-so-rare question of ‘Where on earth did you go to school?!’, when reading about Florida politics. In the name of equity, we’ve provided a similar list about the Senate today.

33 out of 40 Florida Senators have earned a Bachelor’s degree or greater. Out of the remaining 7, 6 have attended some form of higher education. The only Senator who did not attend any form of education beyond high school is Keith Perry, and he started a very successful contracting company just after high school.


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Law Degree

Frank Artiles (R)– J.D. St. Thomas University

Rob Bradley (R) – J.D. University of Florida

Gary M. Farmer, Jr. (D) – J.D. University of Toledo

Anitere Flores (R) – J.D. University of Florida

Bill Galvano (R) – J.D. University of Miami

Dorothy Hukill (R) – J.D. St. John’s University; M.A. Columbia University

Joe Negron (R) – J.D. Emory University; M.P.A. Harvard University