Florida’s Wide-Open Democratic Primary


Of course, all of this goes up into the air with the introduction of John Morgan into the race. While not officially a candidate, Florida political circles expect him to enter the race sometime next year. The infamous trail attorney of Morgan & Morgan trounces Graham in a runoff primary according to pollsters.

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The match-up would be viewed as a Democratic replay of the Trump/Clinton election, where Morgan is the charming, bashful and unpredictable candidate against Graham’s cookie-cutter campaign.

Morgan entered the political spotlight in 2014 when he made a major push for Amendment 2, a pro-medical marijuana amendment to the Florida constitution. The issue was voted favorably by the Florida electorate, and passed by nearly 10 points.

He’s since gained fame from challenging the Legislature on their cumbersome interpretation and implementation of the state’s medical marijuana system through legal suits.

If her were to run, Morgan would also benefit from the fortune he’s amassed through his successful business ventures, including the most famous law firm in the United States, Morgan & Morgan. He would likely self-fund his race, which eliminates the perpetual and resource-draining struggle of fundraising. As a result, he’d have greater access to voters over Graham, who lacks in the ability to captivate an audience compared to the bold trial attorney.