Florida’s Wide-Open Democratic Primary


Arguably for the first time in decades, Florida Democrats are facing a wide-open primary for their party’s gubernatorial nominee.

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The race currently features four major candidates, three of which are considered members of the political establishment – a favorite breed for moderate Democrats which prevail the state’s general electorate.

Over the last five years, elections in primaries have been very close, coming within a single point each time.

Because the mainstream media’s focus has generally been on Republicans, being the party in control, little regard has been given to the fact that Democrats are facing a major schism within their party.

Florida’s race exemplifies that.

For starters, you have Gwen Graham, who served as the U.S. Representative for Florida’s Second Congressional District in the Panhandle. Her conservative district forced her to the middle on a bevy of issues, making her a natural enemy of the newly emergent far-left wing of her party.

In the primary, we’ve seen Graham drift towards the left and become increasingly aggressive against Trump and his party. This has served her well thus far, as Trump is currently suffering a whopping 91% disapproval rating among Florida Democrats.

Nevertheless, she’ll have to face her party’s base when it comes to issues like universal healthcare and free college tuition for all students, both which she’s against.

Graham currently leads the field in name recognition, approval and fundraising.