Following A 22 Stop Bus Tour, the Wheels Fell Off the Putnam Express!


It was certainly not the kind of week for which Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture had hoped. Coming off a statewide bus tour where Putnam touted his years of government service and his vision of putting Florida First as a rationale to elect him Governor, Adam Putnam fired his campaign manager after internal strife and rivalries got in the way of progress. Over the next few days, Putnam decided to test his policy chops where he was promptly mocked by experts who noted his abject absence on these issues when it mattered – during the legislative session.

If this were not enough to sour even the most optimistic Putnam supporters – the week ended with Putnam ordering a review of his agency’s cybersecurity policies as over 16,000 individual records were hacked, exposing the names and in some cases, social security numbers of Concealed Carry Permit holders. To top that off, Politico reported that a key fundraising “bundler” for President Obama, had become a major contributor to Putnam’s PAC. While he may welcome the money, Republican rivals quickly pounced on Putnam’s support from Obama’s fundraising machine. Apparently, it’s tough to be the darling of the establishment.