Food Stamp Recipients Decline Under President Trump


A recent Fox News report affirms that the amount of Americans on food stamps have greatly declined under President Trump.

An Overview of the Latest Report

The latest intel from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) affirms that the amount of food stamp beneficiaries reached 40,083,954 in March 2018. The foregoing number is the lowest since February 2010. Experts have moreover attributed the decline to crackdowns on fraud within the food stamp program, coupled with President Trump’s economic improvements.

A USDA spokesperson also released the hereinafter public statement regarding the decrease of food stamp recipients:

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As the economy continues to improve, participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is declining. SNAP was established as a temporary supplemental nutrition benefit guiding people to self-sufficiency and self-reliance, not a permanent way of life.

Controversy Surrounding Food Stamps

Over the past months, politically related matters have intensified. As a whole, politics have become especially polarizing and divisive. Most Americans have a tendency to form very strong, absolute opinions regarding appropriate reform measure. Moreover, conflicting opinions rarely encounter high degrees of tolerance from the left or the right.

Many conservatives have championed the merits of getting poorer Americans off food stamps (and other government funded programs) and putting them back to work. However,  liberals have opined that doing this serves as antagonistic to the poorest and most vulnerable individuals in this country. The overwhelmingly left-leaning concern comes in spite of the fact that food stamps were always designed to serve as a temporary supplement, not a permanent solution.

One of the central themes of President Trump’s campaign entailed getting Americans back to work. Since his time as Commander-in-Chief, Trump has followed through on this campaign promise; since his Presidency, 2.2 million less individuals are receiving government-funded benefits.

In April, the President signed an executive order into law; under the preceding order, food stamp beneficiaries will have to meet certain work mandates if they wish to continue receiving government benefits.

Excerpts from the aforementioned executive order lauded the merits of “empower[ing] individuals by providing opportunities for work.” Finally, the newly signed law emphasized the paramountcy of “work, free enterprise, and safeguarding human and economic resources.