Former DNC Chairman Slams Older Democrats


Critics have asserted that Clinton was not the right candidate for several reasons. Others stated that a Democratic Presidential victory would have followed if Bernie Sanders were nominated instead of Clinton.

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However, like Dean, some progressives have other ideas. They believe youthful progressives will attract stronger support and votes. The former DNC chairman also claimed the next Democrat to run for office should be “young and in the next generation.” When asked which candidates he would support, Dean named Kamala Harris, 53, Chris Murphy, 44, Eric Garcetti, 46, and other Democrats under 55.

Dean also opined that progressives are becoming the “new face” of the Democrat Party.

Criticisms of Democrats

Despite the former DNC chairman’s remarks about putting forth younger Democrats, many conservatives have asserted that the ages of liberal politicians are the least of their worries. Right leaning Americans have censured Democrats for their policies, perceived cheating, and underhanded tactics.