Former DNC Chairman Slams Older Democrats


Reports from The Hill affirm that former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean believes older Democrats should step aside and allow room for their younger counterparts.

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Dean on Older and Younger Democrats

On Thursday, Dean opined the following outlook regarding Democrats in politics:

I don’t think [Bernie Sanders] is going to be the next nominee. But he could be. But I’m very much for somebody who is younger. I think my generation needs to get the hell out of politics. Start coaching and start moving up this next generation who are more … fiscally sane. Neither Republicans or Democrats can claim they are fiscally responsible anymore.his young generation is going to pay for that if we don’t get the hell out of the way and have somebody who is 50 running the country.

Democratic Candidates and Politics

Democrats have struggled to increase their popularity, especially since the victory of President Trump. While many people have cited alleged, yet unproven, Russian interference theories as the cause of the President’s win, others blamed Clinton.