Former House Speaker Paul Ryan Dunks on Trump


As former President Trump continues his bid for reelection, more people in the Republican Party are speaking out against him. GOP candidates Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Chris Christie have all given their own reasons for why Trump isn’t fit.

The conservative case against Trump

DeSantis pointed out Trump’s old age, stating the US presidency isn’t a job for someone pushing 80. The Florida governor also pointed to Trump’s failure to follow through on promises he made to conservatives, such as building the border wall.

Haley, meanwhile, has warned of the “chaos” that frequently surrounds Trump. In doing so, the former UN ambassador said Republicans can’t fix chaos with more chaos and need a “landslide” victory that includes winning the popular vote.

Likewise, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has made going after Trump a central theme of his campaign. Christie maintains that the former president is not just undignified with unbecoming conduct, but also a danger to America itself.

The Republican believes if Trump ever managed to get back in the White House, he’d routinely break the law and fill his administration with “deranged sycophants.”