Former JPMorgan Banker Turned DAO Developer Says He’s Not Hiring Based on Resumes


If you’re searching for a job in the blockchain industry, we think that there is an opportunity for you, in a DAO specifically. 

Crypto collectives, aka DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), are gaining wider adoption, and the industry is attracting new talent to a field that didn’t exist thirteen years ago. And, employers aren’t focusing on resumes, but they’re keen to hire you if you can adapt quickly.

Jacob Blish, the head of business development at the Lido DAO, said he isn’t a big fan of hiring people based on their background, according to a February 5 report from Bloomberg News,

“The industry is growing so fast, I need people who are fast learners,” he told Bloomberg. “If you’re 42 or 22 and you went to Harvard or didn’t go to college at all, it doesn’t matter.”

According to the report, Blush left JPMorgan Chase as an analytics developer after two years and opted for a crypto career instead. He is now looking to hire more people at Lido —  a DAO that focuses on solving staking issues in Ethereum 2.0. 

What is a DAO?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are a group of people pooling digital assets — mostly cryptocurrencies — for a certain purpose. DAO platforms allow users to vote. Rules and votes are established on blockchain technology. The new technology is shaping a new form of democracy in the tech and business industry.