Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is Battling Parkinson’s Disease

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell
Credits: Associated Press (AP)/Matt Rourke

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell revealed that he is battling Parksinson’s disease. He encouraged people who suspect they have symptoms to get diagnosed and treatment early.

On Monday, Rendell made the announcement regarding his condition at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, He was accompanied by doctors and officials from the University of Pennsylvania. His revelation is a part of a public service message regarding Parkinson’s disease.

According to the former Pennsylvania governor, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 3 ½ years ago. Rendell said he was “stunned and a little bit scared” when doctors told him about his illness.

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According to him, the treatment at the hospital including medication helped stop the progression of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. He maintains a busy schedule that include working out six days a week.

“Ive been more in a sort of battle mode than depressed. The good news is I can say without any fear of contradiction at least in my own mind that my disease has stabilized — progression has in many ways stopped. Some of the symptoms that I was undergoing are better now than they were 3½ years ago,” said Rendell.