Former VP Mike Pence is Heading to Georgia to Campaign For Gov. Kemp


Pence heralded Kemp as one of America’s most conservative and successful governors. Likewise, the former vice president praised Kemp’s commitment to Georgians, family, and faith.

May 23, the day before the Georgia primary election, is when Pence will visit the state. The former vice president’s time will be spent at a rally designed to get out the vote ahead of the general election.

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Finally, Pence gave a full-fledged endorsement of Kemp by lauding his record. He stated that while in office, the Georgia governor managed to defend life, support law enforcement, reduce taxes, and more.

Pence is not the only big-name supporting Kemp. The Georgia governor holds endorsements from the National Rifle Association, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

On top of this, the Republican Governor’s Association has put out pro-Kemp ads.

Red wave incoming?

General election polls of a rematch between Kemp vs. Abrams reveal the former securing yet another victory.