Fox News Host Unloads on Democrat Party’s Post-Election “Power Grab”


According to the Fox News host, everything America is witnessing from the Democrats boils down to a “power grab.”

After explaining that the left seeks to “control everything,” Carlson gave some examples of troubling actions from Democrats. These actions include, but aren’t restricted to, moving to bar law-abiding Americans from owning firearms and collectively demonizing Trump voters as dangerous and terrorist threats.

Shortly thereafter, Carlson slammed the “dark fantasy” of the left. The Fox News host then explained that living in a nation of moderatism and democracy, rather than division and extremism, is best for the American people.

The Biden administration

Many Democrats are openly professing that with control of the White House and Congress, now is the time for action. This is why liberal congressmembers have already introduced proposals for D.C. statehood, a $15 federal minimum wage, etc.; Democrats’ interest in total power and control also explains their push to eliminate the Senate filibuster.