Fox News Host Unloads on Democrat Party’s Post-Election “Power Grab”


Precisely ten days have passed since the start of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Thus far, back-to-back executive actions, the shutdown of Keystone XL pipeline, limitations on the oil and gas industries, pushes for mass amnesty, and more have defined the current administration.

In the wake of Biden’s energy policies, some Republican senators from states reliant upon the oil industry reached out to the president for a meeting; the White House, however, refused. This, of course, isn’t in keeping with Biden’s rhetoric about bipartisanship.

Eyes are on not only the Biden administration, but also congressional Democrats. On Friday evening, Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized Democrats’ behavior since assuming congressional power and winning the White House.

Carlson on the Democrat Party of today

On his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson explained that Democrats’ election victories only increased their levels of viciousness. Once Carlson held the left accountable for various displays of cancel culture and attacks against Republicans, he delved into the psychology of leftists’ behavior.