Fresh Round of Flight Cancellations Leaves Stain on Father’s Day Weekend


Flight cancellations are a traveler’s worst nightmare. This remains especially true for travelers who have to be places for work, time-sensitive events, or for other important reasons.

Unfortunately, since 2021, on and off flight cancellations have been a serious nuisance. These sporadic cancellations followed after airlines took major hits in 2020.

Since then, demand for travel has increased, naturally. However, the problem is that airlines aren’t having the smoothest time keeping up with consumers’ growing needs to travel via air.

Shortages in pilots, COVID vaccine mandates, COVID infections, etc., have each been linked to flight cancellations that have taken place since 2021. However, another round of flight cancellations is here as people are on the move for Father’s Day weekend.

What to know about the latest flight cancellations

Airline flights scheduled between Friday, June 17 and Sunday, June 19 received cancellations to the tune of 2,000. To make matters worse, just ahead of Sunday, 14,000 flight delays have taken place in one capacity or the next.