Gemini AI: A Multimodal Powerhouse Transforming Google


AI chatbots and enhanced features are flooding the tech market, but Google’s Gemini AI stands out as a versatile large language model (LLM) with far-reaching applications.

Consumers are bombarded with a wave of AI advancements, from OpenAI’s ChatGPT to offerings from tech giants like Apple and Microsoft. Google’s answer to this revolution is Gemini, an AI suite built upon the powerful Large Language Model (LLM) of the same name developed by DeepMind.

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Understanding Gemini AI

While “Gemini” might evoke the astrology constellation of the twins, here it refers to an ai chatbot replacing Google’s previous effort Bard.

Introduced in December 2023, Gemini offered variations catering to different needs: Nano, a lightweight Android version; Pro, for everyday use; and Ultra, for heavy-duty business applications.