Stonehenge Attacks From Just Stop Oil Draw Public Outrage


Based in England, Stonehenge is a historic monument that pays tribute to the various movements of the sun. Today, some theories posit that the iconic landmark’s stones were once relied upon as a sort of calendar.

Many people who visit England frequently make the journey to see Stonehenge for themselves. Tour guides taking travelers to this monument, along with other attractive destinations, are easy to find on apps like Viator or GetYourGuide.

Stonehenge is making headlines this week, albeit for quite an unfortunate reason. On Wednesday morning, protesters with the climate activist group known as “Just Stop Oil” went viral for vandalizing Stonehenge with orange cornflower spray.

UK leaders and others condemn the attacks

Just Stop Oil – per its X bio – is on a mission to have the British government eliminate the burning of fossil fuels by 2030. It also aims to have all licenses for oil, gas, and coal officially revoked.

Just Stop Oil believes these measures are critical to tackling the climate crisis; though their latest methods for drawing attention to the issue are sure to bring about legal consequences.